The History


‘O Sole ‘e Napule has its origins from the work of Francesco Calabria, born in 1905, producer and supplier – since the ‘30s- of tomatoes and fruit for the industrial transformation to the most reputable Italian canning companies.

In Marigliano, in the heart of the area that was called “Campania Felix” , where Francesco, skilled farmer, opens up new horizons to the regional canning industry providing San Marzano tomatoes coming from his cultivations. These were years of great success for the red gold of Campania that allow Francesco to become a reference point for the tomato supply in the area of Nola. On one side, the growing number of new industries, and on the other, a larger group of small farmers, that prefer to contact only “Don Ciccio”, that becomes the tomato dealer for companies.


The great experience gained in the sector encourages Alfonso Calabria, son of Francesco, to continue in the ‘80s the father’s activity founding the ‘O Sole ‘e Napule srl, a company that wants to reach the final consumers with a multi-faceted range of products with its own brand, through all the food distribution channels in Italy and abroad.

With his great experience and strength, Alfonso has the brilliant idea to reacquire his feedstock that he seasonally gave to the Companies, as finished products (canned tomatoes). The Tomato Pulp, Sauce, Peeled Tomatoes and Chopped Tomatoes represent the poker of products that Alfonso starts to distribute with the “‘O Sole e Napule” brand first in Naples and immediately after in the near provinces.

Today, The New Generation

The Company today, managed by the new generation even more attached to the family principles and traditions, projects itself towards a new growth. The future goal is, on one side to increase the production of feedstock for the Italian canning industry, on the other side to develop and strengthen the national and international presence of ‘O Sole ‘e Napule products.

With the aim of satisfying and exceeding expectations of the customers, a policy with the goal to improve the quality standards takes place, supported by investments in marketing and communication.

Product Caring: Our Mission

The products

Careful selection of the best agricultural raw materials, this is the most important peculiarity of the ‘ O Sole ‘e Napule products characterized by a great value for money, characteristics that have contributed and will contribute to the widening of its selling markets. A pool of 250 products that goes from the most variegated canned tomatoes to legumes, condiments, vinegar and canned fruit. All with the brand ‘ O Sole ‘e Napule that handles the distribution in Italy and abroad in the Retail or Food Service channel.