The Mediterranean is not a story, but thousands

A crossroad of civilizations, very ancient but at the same time modern, that one from another took over a never lost identity. For thousands of years everything comes together here, in this sea among the lands: ideas, religions, styles of life, plants and food. Living Mediterranean is the beauty of the influence of different myths, rituals and symbols, that are the basis of our culture, with many deep meanings. At the center of this endless richness there is a common thread: the relation between men and food, the care of the territory and of yourself, the relevance of tradition, the new elements that get values from the past. It is a common thread that never stops.

Il Mediterraneo non è una storia, ma mille storie
Noi siamo quello che mangiamo

We are what we eat

Food is the element that produces the deepest impact on men’s lives, because like water, it shall guarantee survival and health. The basis of living Mediterranean produced , during the past millenniums, a culinary Mediterranean style that has simplicity as the most relevant rule, to be respected day by day. Originally there were wheat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oil and wine. Then the Arab society added something more: sugar cane, rice, citrus fruit, eggplant. Finally, tomato, potatoes and the thousands of spices arrived from the new world. Everything generated the Mediterranean food that is not a diet, as a limitation , but as a healthy way of eating, in balance with its own territory.

Production of the raw materials, respecting the natural cycles

Living Mediterranean is the call that, through the language of food, we want to transfer to future generations so that they will keep the knowledge and knowhow of the farmers world, handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. Living Mediterranean is our effort to protect, with our products, the source of immense cultural richness that has arrived to us, returning to a healthy relation with the field, where the production of raw materials begins, respecting the natural cycles.

Produzione della materia prima, nel rispetto dei cicli naturali.
Mediterraneità non è solo ciò che si mangia, ma anche come lo si consuma

Being Mediterranean is not only what you eat, but how you do it

Living Mediterranean means rediscovering the ancient flavors and renewing them in a creative way with the contemporary taste, listening to the emotions and suggestions that styles of life of our days are fortunately rediscovering: the respect for the environment and the attention for our own health. Living Mediterranean is the symbol of a vision that tries to talk about a millennial culture, and how we were in the past and how we should be: enhancing the value of eating together, the simplicity of preparations, respecting the seasonality of the products and their connection to a certain territory. Being Mediterranean is not only related to what you eat, but also to how and where you do it. It’s a way of life.